S02.E08 – Sisters of Mercy

Exit Plan is the continuing story of a nameless Australian who, having overcome a dangerous foe, sets out to establish a security consultancy specialising in the supernatural. In the course of his endeavours he recalls a mysterious message left by the woman who betrayed him indicating an old friend thought dead may still be alive.

After staking out Maria Antony, the narrator waits for Beatrice to show.  Beatrice makes the narrator promise to bring a necklace with him to the hospital where Heidi is about to awaken from a coma. Margardiel, the demon who has dominated Beatrice, will be there.

I was contacted anonymously to edit and post this podcast. I’ve called it Exit Plan. My instructions were to download individual audio files and stitch them together. I added some theme music to the front because that’s the way serialised fiction podcasts are presented I guess. I wasn’t given any particular instructions except to stress that this is real and not fiction. But I find that hard to believe. Still I do as I am paid to do.