My Creativity – Production

From Whence My Creativity?

The answer to this question is largely what the podcast is about.  In short, when I was younger I yearned to be a writer or architect or film maker.  I wrote stories and I wrote computer programs and games.  I enrolled in university to do literature studies so I could learn how to write well.  Then… what?  I changed major to business and got a job.  I struggled because inside I needed to break free and create and innovate but, I didn’t know how.

Fast forward to my mother-in-law having a heart attack at a relatively young age and my mid-life crisis was triggered.  I quit work and lived off my wife for a year and a half thinking I’d found my calling.  I hadn’t.  I wasted that time because I didn’t know how to execute on my burning need to create.  But I started.  I created a little experimental online store that went nowhere.  Then I went to a business coaching seminar and gave myself over to the level of crazy needed.  I committed to pursuing my passion.

I wrote Exit Plan, a contemporary fantasy fiction podcast, in a couple of months and started producing it.  I’d never written a script for anything before, I’d never cast voice actors before, I’d never done voice acting before and I certain had never produced audio before.  But if you don’t do it you never do it.  Obvious right?  Then my friend and I found we loved talking about science fiction movies.  So we started Space Brains. Then one day on the train I was reading twitter and realised there were many people in the same position I was in.  They craved to create but didn’t know how to make it all work.  I don’t claim to know that yet, but I’m taking each step along the way and learning as I go.

My Creativity is an attempt to make myself accountable for the bold goals I have, to learn more skills and to help others while I do it.  I want to create interesting and entertaining content without advertising.  I am convinced there is a business model where we all win.  A model where I can make a living and the world can get new art and we don’t need advertising to do it.  My Creativity is also My Experiment.  Join me and together we will rule this galaxy as father and son.  Or the metaphorical equivalent.  I mean, I’m not your father and I don’t want to be.  Look… just enjoy the moment with me.