Exit Plan Production

Where Did Exit Plan Come From?

Since I was a young lad I have created stories, imaginary worlds and characters. I wrote all through high school and finally went to university to study psychology and literature. The desire to actually make money got in the way of my dreams for many years though I continued to create. A bit of advice is to not make money for as long as you can and instead create and follow your passion or you’ll get caught up in the rat race, losing sight of what’s really important to you.

I decided I needed to get back to what moves me and drives me so Gravity Undone was created as my production and distribution network and my first podcast, Exit Plan, was conceived. Without any particular knowledge or experience in podcasting or audio drama I wrote a story that would ease me into the scene and build in complexity naturally. Exit Plan was started on a second-hand shoestring using my phone and a USB mic I had from the Rock Band game for Xbox.

I needed voice actors.

I’d written parts for them and while I can do some voices, as the seasons progressed all my characters were female and I do not impersonate well. I put out a call to the internet and was blessed with a response. I worked remotely with my actors providing them with all dialog out to the end of season 2 initially while I continued to write season 3, the final season.

Tony and John are the only male characters, a couple, they provide support early in the story but later are largely absent. I made the intentional decision to write characters who deviated from expectation. All the other characters are female and they each have their strengths and weaknesses, but mostly they are in many ways better and more capable than the lead character. As it turns out I’ve had an easier time finding female voice actors anyway so that worked out well for everyone.