Exit Plan Cast and Crew

Surrey Hughes (Unnamed Narrator, Writer, Producer, Editor)

Surrey is a writer, computer programmer, podcaster and lover of science fiction, fantasy, history and science. When he isn’t writing novels, songs, podcasts or computer games he dads and husbands as best he can.  If you find yourself in Western Australia near Perth, tweet to meet.

Ellen O’Connor (Beatrice Leichfield)


Tanya Regan (Venus Lee)


Mark Regan (John Tran)

Mark Regan is a fan of film. He is a filmmaker, photographer and writer. Mark fell in love with science fiction at a young age and started to create short films with his siblings. In fact his first script writing experience as a teenager was writing fan fiction, an entire episode of The X-Files (Mark still believes Chris Carter should make his episodo). He studied and experimented with creating films at university. He has being writing and producing short films his whole adult life, with the goal to make science fiction feature films one day. . Mark loves the way science fiction can take an audience to an altered version of reality but still deliver a meaningful learning experience for the audience.

David Ryan Kinsman (Tony Maroni)


Hem Cleveland (Beatrice Leichfield Season 2)

Hem Cleveland is a British audio book producer, voice actress and qualified mechanical design engineer. She is the Games Master of “The Lucky Die” podcast, an actual play role playing podcast, as well as the voice of The Documentarian on “The White Vault”. With a variety of published audio books under her belt, her voice can also be found on a host of audio drama podcasts, other actual play podcasts and various one off short performance pieces.

Natalie Beran (Sasha Headly)

Natalie Beran has a radio career spanning over 15 years and has worked as a radio announcer/producervoice over artist for film and TV and actress in New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and the USA. She has a vast range of experience in radio and television commercial voiceovers, corporate & IVR reads, narration, audio books and cartoon animation voices. She holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Radio) from AUT and is also a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA New York).

Carly Nichols (Mary Constance Walcek)

Carly has a strong background in theatre and performing arts, starting from her first pantomime role at age 6. She studied a double major in  Drama and English at University.  Carly got sucked into the corporate world at age 21 and worked for many years as a legal secretary, whilst running her own freelance photography business. She now owns and operates an independent automotive repair shop,  and is now pursuing her dream of returning to performance, focusing on voice acting, voice-over work and narration. 

She lives in Perth WA with her daughter, husband, cat and lots of project cars