Exit Plan Press Kit

Fact Sheet

About Exit Plan

Exit Plan is presented as the collected journals of an anonymous Australian man edited and published as a contemporary fantasy audio drama. The narrator reveals he is preparing for a terrible confrontation and releasing his journals to provide context to what he is about to face. As the story progresses we gain insights into the sort of person the narrator is and how and why he has changed. We also meet his friends and learn esoteric secrets of the real world that are revealed to us through a collection of mysterious books the narrator accidentally purchased.

Exit Plan is a sparsely produced “realistic” fantasy story set in modern day Western Australia. The story of self understanding and magical discovery will appeal to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.

The Details

Email: exitplan@gravityundone.net
Download / Subscribe: Exit Plan can be listened to directly from the website as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms. Episodes are also released as video on Facebook.
Schedule: Weekly on Sunday afternoon 4 pm.
Web: https://gravityundone.net/exit-plan/
RSS: https://exitplan.libsyn.com/rss
PocketCast: https://pca.st/UtSn
Social Media
Facebook @gravityundone
Twitter @gravityundone

Cast and Crew

Writer, producer and creator: Surrey Hughes
Theme music: Surrey Hughes

Season 1:
The narrator: Surrey Hughes
Beatrice “B” Leichfield: Ellen O’Conner
Tony Maroni: David Ryan Kinsman
John Tran: Mark Regan
Venus Lee: Tanya Regan
Shilpah Patel: Deepa Matta

Introduced in Season 2:
Heidi Lieberman: Tanya Regan
Sasha Headly: Natalie Beran
Mary Constance Walcek: Carly Nichols
Beatrice “B” Leichfield: Hem Cleveland


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Season One Trailer

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Season one Trailer Audio

Audio Sampler (Spoilers)


Interview on Gravity Undone and Exit Plan at Votable.net: 

Gravity Undone is an entertainment network where science and history meet science fiction and fantasy. Currently Exit Plan is the first podcast released. Additional podcasts, serious, comedic and fictional are coming in the new year and all of them are centered around the intersection of science, history, science fiction and fantasy. Toward the end of next year an app and video content will be added along with serialised written content. Gravity Undone is about inspiring people to create and to imagine. We are ad free and will remain that way.