Exit Plan – Podcast

exit Plan

Exit Plan is the collected journals of an anonymous Australian man edited and published as a contemporary fantasy audio drama. The narrator reveals he is preparing for a terrible confrontation and releasing his journals to provide context to the supernatural threat he is about to face. As the story progresses we gain insights into the sort of person the narrator is and how and why he has changed. We also meet his friends and learn secrets of the real world that are revealed to us through a collection of mysterious books the narrator has.

I was contacted anonymously to edit and post this podcast. I’ve called it Exit Plan. My instructions were to download individual audio files and stitch them together. I added some theme music to the front because that’s the way serialised fiction podcasts are presented. I wasn’t given any particular instructions except to stress that this is real and not fiction. But I find that hard to believe. Still I do as I am paid to do.