Gravity Undone is your hub for discovering reality, learning about what has come before and exploring what could be.  Gravity Undone is your portal for podcasts, blogs and more about science, history, science fiction and fantasy.

If you love real things and you are enchanted by the possibility inherent in what we are learning from science and from what we know of history then this is the place for you.  I have a vision of a place where you can dream of things unreal that are anchored in the most amazing aspects of the things that are true.

Science is interesting.  Science opens doors, never closing them.  It has been from the discoveries recorded in journals that flights of imagination have taken off.  Far from dispelling wonder and awe, science paints a clear path to the extraordinary and sets our heart ablaze.  History is fact through the lens of humanity and who can say what truth is when it is the dreamers and visionaries who scour the evidence, writings and thoughts of the past to present a version of reality rich with life and colour.  With history, myth and legend and without the relentless scientific search for truth we wouldn’t have the full and dazzling array of stories, dreams and wonder we have today.

Gravity Undone brings together reality so we can be inspired by the fantastic.  In the fringes where up is down and we are free to roam we find joy.  This is where science meets science fiction and history meets fantasy.  You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, you’ll cry, learn and fall in love.

Explore, discover, imagine.

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