Episode – 7 – Fox Ward

Last weeks goals:
– exit plan
– send out season 3 scripts with a deadline for the lines to return.
– Add social links and feed links to my other podcast episode pages.
– finish first draft up to chapter 3 of book 2

fox interview:
– has strong vision of what she wants after nearly 20 years
– sets a high standard
– has long term vision
– looks at her performance as a business and seeks to add value
– recognises there are parts in pursuing her passion that are fun and exhilerating but also parts that aren’t but must be done.
– teamwork, team goals

May Goals:
– Each week review monthly goals.
– Shop compmlete
– run 5km each sunday

next Week’s goals:
– exit plan
– finish first draft up to chapter 5
– get product operational (test payment)
– run 5km on sunday