Episode – 40 – What Would Michaelangelo Do?

myCreativity - 40 - What Would Michelangelo Do

January Goals:
– Post Blogs
– update social media
– snip blogs into social media posts
– How to write a novel

last week’s goals
– Enjoy christmas with family

Planning a business
– what your values are
– what you will sell/do
– how to deliver product
– how to invoice / pay people
– registrations (abn/tfn)
Was the sistene chapel planned?
– meticulously planned.
– first plan discarded as not ambitious and cool enough
– sketched out on canvas then transferred to the ceiling

Why planning rather than pantsing?
– no dead ends
– less to rewrite
– spot an inconsistency? work it through in outline before expending many hours or days
– peer review of story / plot interaction

Next Week’s goals
– Format and post first blog
– Schedule twitter and FB posts
– How to write a novel
– run 5km, 5km