Episode – 16 – Inspiration

myCreativity - 16 - Inspiration

Quarterly goals July, Aug, Sept
– Specify app / membership
– publish book 2
– audio book 1
– run 16 km
– develop sales in shop
– finish releasing EP3

July Goals:
– Each week review monthly goals.
– publish book 2
– run 10km
– release ep3 ep 1
– app ideas

last week’s goals
– quarterly goals
– run 10km on sunday
– edit kc wayland interview
– chapter 8 book 2 draft
– edit 2001 a space odyssy space brains
– Judgement day recording
– additional
– set up bank accounts for barefoot

Inspiration for stories, where’d I get it?

– blood work woman on train
– seeing same person getting on and off
– doorway effect on short term memory
– dnd game from highschool
– history of the magna carta
– new idea: mirror matter
– waking from coma in morgue
Spanish prison authorities are baffled after a prisoner who was declared dead by three separate doctors woke up in the morgue – just hours before his own autopsy was set to commence.
The prisoner, 29-year-old Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, was found unresponsive in his cell during a morning roll call, and had been transferred to a hospital mortuary in a body bag when pathologists heard something strange.
Snoring. Coming from inside the bag.
– chaos flux: A classic experiment on visual processing involves asking people to watch a video of 6 people passing a basketball, and press a button every time a particular team has possession. Invariably only about half the people tested ever notice a woman in a gorilla suit walking across the middle of the screen during the game.

Next Week’s goals
10km run
record rachael for exit plan
book 2 drft 2 complete
judgement day 136bpm