Episode – 15 – Brain Waves

myCreativity - 15 - Brain Waves

States of mind: alpha, beta, etc..

from https://blog.mindvalley.com/brain-waves/

Brain waves are quite real and have been studied extensively.

They are produced by neurons in your brain that communicate with each other by electrical change.

These changes can be observed by different forms of medical technology, like the electroencephalography (EEG).

Much of what we know about brain waves is a result of extensive research conducted by medical professionals.

Why do brain waves matter?
We easily forget that we are the controllers of our reality. Our reality is not made up of outside influences, but actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset.

Therefore, by learning about the deeper states of consciousness, you can open your subconscious mind and create your reality at will.

To do this, the first step is to understand your different brain frequencies.

In order from highest frequency, most active to lowest frequency and least active:

A recently discovered level of brain activity at about 40Hz. It is the fastest frequency. Gamma brain waves aer associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

Beta waves are associated with normal wakeful consciousness and a hightened state of alertness and logic. Beta waves are where we operate while actively working on something or performing tasks that requires concentration and understanding. From a creativity point of view, this is where we are when we know what we are doing and we are using all our learnt tools and skills to achieve our goal. The downside of beta waves is they come from a highly ordered and structured mind that likes rules and predictable patterns. This is great for doing those tasks we know how to do and we know the “rules” associated. They are bad for being intuitive and creative. The more ordered our mind the harder it is to leap to intuitive resolutions and be really creative.

Alpha waves are dominant when we are in a state of deep relaxation and usually emerge when we are daydreaming or during light meditation. The brain is less alert and the rules and structures we think in are relaxed and less important. As a result it is a great time to find creative solutions to problems we have and excellent for learning new things, vizualising situations and concentration. This is one of the reasons I take time each day to meditate and consider my body, my feelings and my surroundings. When I’m on the train with my earphones in I’m not really listening to the music I’m drowning out all the other stimulation that would put be in a Beta mental state. I let my eyes lose focus and I come up with ideas for stories, podcasts, music and so on.

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep. This is the realm of your subconscious and only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep or wake from deep sleep. An interesting point about this state is you can achieve it during repetitive exercise. When I run at lunch I sometimes get here. Mostly I’m in alpha but sometimes the awareness of my body and surroundings fades and I live, just for short bursts, in my mind alone. I’ll lose track of where exactly I am and my body will just run on autopilot while my mind conjures strange ideas.

Delta waves are the slowest and are experienced in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep meditation where awareness is fully detached. Delta waves and deep sleep are linked with healing and regeneration. We need all levels of thought to be healthy but it is easy to get caught at the high levels.

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