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What we are looking for

Gravity undone in a nutshell is looking to promote science, history, science fiction and fantasy.  If you want to write an article, short story or create a podcast series about any or all of those topics then I want to hear about it.

Not everything submitted will be accepted, but you understand that.  Quality is important and that means we have some guidelines for submissions.


  1. All work submitted must be original and must be property of the submitter.  We don’t accept anyone else’s work or copies from somewhere else on the net.
  2. Science or history articles must contain references for any factual claims made.  I’m all for creativity but if you are claiming something is really real and not science fiction or fantasy then you will need to substantiate your claims.
  3. Submissions should be made to in whatever format you like, I’m an IT nerd and can open any document you care to create.  This is not however a challenge to find a document format that will stump me.  If you want your work formatted in a particular way then format it that way in your submission.
  4. Blogs and articles should be at least 300 words long and less than 5,000.
  5. Short stories should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words.
  6. Podcasts should already be recorded and I need to be assured that a complete series will be released.  There’s nothing worse than hitting on an amazing story only to have it drop out half way through.
  7. Include a brief bio, link to your site and/or work or social media.

Why submit to Gravity Undone?

Gravity Undone is a network for promoting science, history, science fiction and fantasy that inspires people to dream.  We promote ourselves to the people who care and we cross promote to each other.

As momentum grows your work will gain more eyes and you will get the opportunity to participate in monetisation strategies.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate people who just can’t help but explore, discover, imagine and create.  We are looking for science fiction aficionados, fantasy geeks, science nerds and history buffs who don’t just want to share their passion but need to with a drive that can’t be resisted.

If you are the person alternately amazing and boring dinner party guests with your imagined worlds or with your latest research findings then you must get in touch.  Gravity Undone needs your passion and the world must be made aware.

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